Getting Started with the NEW Met Opera on Demand Roku Channel:

The Met online streaming service and Met Opera on Demand is currently accessible on the famous Roku stage of streaming players and televisions. Clients who have Roku device already can enjoy unbounded access of Met Opera On Demand index of more than 550 full-length performances. Moreover, Met Opera on Demand have more than 85 shocking videos from honor winning live HD series of silver screen transformations. On the other hand, Roku is use to Stream local and online contact on the television screen through the connection of network. First of all, activate your Roku device and Roku.Com/Link account through www roku com link.

Follows these simple steps to stream Met opera on demand on Roku device:

  • Subscribe to Met Opera on Demand through Met website.
  • Download Met Opera on demand channel on Roku device.
  • Sign in to Met opera on demand channel

If your device and TV as well are connect to the same WiFi network. Now, go to  activation site to get more information about Met opera on demand channel.

  • Subscribe to Met Opera on Demand through Met website:


    • In order to Subscribe Met opera on demand channel, go to MY ACCOUNT from site. After that, click on Manage your Subscriptions and locate by title. At the end, select subscribe button.

Note: After subscription Met opera on demand offers you the 7-day trial, you may continue to subscribe through purchase this channel.

  • Download Met Opera on demand channel on Roku device:


Now, you have to Download and Add Met opera On demand on the Roku device, follows few easy steps:

      • Locate streaming channel under menus to open Roku channel store.
      • From Music and TV section, select met opera on demand channel.
      • Then, click on Add Channel button to download on your Roku device.
  • Sign in to Met opera on demand channel:

In addition, There are two ways to Login to Met Opera On Demand channel. Firstly click on Login button from opening screen appear after Adding Channel.

  • Sign in to Met opera on demand channel using first way:


      • The first sign in option combines activation code on your Roku device using typing Username and password on Met website.
      • With the use of other devices such as the computer, tablet or smartphone.
      • then, visit on Met site or log in to account using username and password.
      • Then enter 7 digit code on Met site, whose display on your Roku device.
      • Once you fill username, password and enter a correct activation code, your Roku screen will refresh automatically with 30 seconds.
      • That means, you are logged in to Met Opera On Demand channel and it load to your Roku Home screen.
  • Sign in to Met opera on demand channel using second way:
    • With this way, Roku user can also fill their Met opera on demand username and password precisely on Roku device.
    • From the bottom of the screen, fill username and password using Roku remote control keypad.
    • After, strongly login to the Met opera on demand channel then automatic load screen.
    • Now,  highlight Met opera from Roku home screen and enjoy Met streaming service.
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Roku TV -: Steps to install roku Mobile App

As you all know that Roku provides you the way to access a number of TV shows, movies, images, videos and other streaming content to your TV in well efficient manner. In order to us Roku player in your home, you only need to have a high-speed internet connection. Make sure that you can use the same network type connection for connecting both your Roku device and your TV. So let’s we talk about Roku TV that what exactly it is?


Roku TV

The Roku TV is the smart TV for every user. You need an internet connection to access the Roku TV. Today, many companies like Hitachi, TCL, Sharp, LG, Hisense and more manufactures the Roku TV.

Generally, roku TV allows you to place all of your favorite channels at one place. So, this feature makes your life more comfortable.

In addition to this, you can also operate your Roku TV via smartphone. If you really wish to feel more and more comfortable then install the Roku mobile app. So, for the Roku mobile app go to the Roku play store.

In the roku play store, download the roku mobile app first and then install it accordingly. As with the roku mobile app, there is no need of the roku remote. More over you can use the phone like an android phone or the iOS phone to access Roku TV.

Steps to install roku Mobile App

  • First of all, bring your internet connected phone and go to “roku play store”.
  • In the roku play store search for the “roku mobile app”.
  • Now, roku provides you the searching results.
  • Hence, select the roku mobile app.
  • Now, you need to download the mobile app.
  • Once the mobile app gets downloaded in your phone, the next step is to install it.
  • So, at last install the Roku mobile app.
  • After installing the Roku mobile app, you will see that all the Roku devices into your phone. Now, the full control is in your hand.
  • Hence, select the Roku devices you want to control via your phone.

So, if you have roku mobile app in your phone then you can easily access your roku TV with your mobile phone. Using your phone you can easily access the below content:

  • Play on Roku
  • Roku channel store
  • My channels/ remote and
  • The Roku search.

Play on roku:

This feature helps you to send photos, music, videos saved on your mobile phone easily to your TV. With this, you can see all your content in the big screen.

Roku channel store:

Using your phone, you can easily go to roku channel store in order to see the new channels or to add the new channel to your TV. So, if you want to add channel then click on “add Roku channel”.

My channels/ remote:

To watch new channel instantly to your Roku TV then go to “my channels”. My channels will provide you the complete information related to all installed as well as other new channels.

The Roku search:

If you want to search anything related to Roku, you can easily do this with your mobile phone. For this go to the “search box” in your phone and type the first few words related to your search. You can search for new channels, movies, videos, TV shows and much more.

So, you can easily access all the above information using your smart phone. But make sure that your phone must have the roku mobile app.

With all this, you can easily use your mobile phone to access the Roku TV.

For more about Roku mobile apps and Roku activation Support  Visit us at: Roku com link help

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How to Fix a Roku that Won’t Connect to the Internet

Roku.Com/Link Are you facing trouble with your Roku device?

As you all know that Roku allows you to stream music, TV serials, movies and much more easily and directly to your TV from the internet. With the Roku device, there is no need to download the media content because you can directly access media with the Roku device.

How to Fix a Roku that Won’t Connect to the Internet

For the usage of Roku streaming player, you must need a high-speed internet connection. The Roku media player can only access through the internet. So, in order to use Roku device you need to setup and activate your Roku device first. Sometimes you are unable to connect your Roku device to the internet and due to this; you are unable to use the Roku device.

If you are facing the same problem then no need to worry. In this article, we will discuss some easy and basic steps which you will try to get rid of this problem.

So, to resolve the internet connection problem follow the below steps:

Steps to perform


  • First of all, login to your router.
  • Now, open your device and enter the IP address directly in your device web browser.
  • Make sure that, you always enter the IP address in the web browser rather than the google, Mozilla etc.
  • The above step will take you to the router “login” screen.
  • Now, enter the “password” of your router.
  • Always keep in mind that sometimes routers default password is “password” but it may also possible that router password may change during the installation.
  • If you unable to enter the route’s password then go to your internet service provider.


  • After login to your router, go to “DNS” settings.
  • The main reason towards this problem is that the router is using an internal IP address instead of external IP address.


  • Once you perform the above 2 steps, the next step is to change your internal IP address with the external IP address.


  • In this step, save all the settings.


  • After performing the above steps, the next very step is to setup your Roku device again.
  • This may solve your problem.
  • If the problem still persists then unplug your router. Wait for some at least 20 seconds and then plug it back.
  • By doing this, you may solve your problem.


  • If you setup your DNS properly then you can easily enjoy your Roku streaming device.
  • Finally, get the cold drink and popcorn’s and enjoy your favorite streaming.

In case you are facing any problem with your Roku device then no need to worry about this. You can resolve all of your Roku-related problems by just going to Roku support Blog. The Roku support will always provide you best possible solutions regarding your problems. They are always ready to help you.

You can take at anytime from anywhere. Moreover, to get quick solutions regarding your problems, you can also go to the Roku support website. You will get possible solutions in a cost effective way.

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Roku.Com/Link-: How to enable text-to-speech using Audio Guide

Have you ever heard about Roku device? Do you want to enjoy free movies and TV shows? Are you thinking to access Roku using the audio guide? If yes, then find all information related to Roku as well as how to How to enable text-to-speech using Audio Guide here. In this article, we will completely discuss that how to use the audio guide for your Roku streaming device.

So, let we first talk that what exactly the Audio guide is?

Audio guide

The audio guide is the guide that allows Roku users to access Roku streaming device via their voice. Generally, the audio guide is “text to voice” screen reader which allows Roku users to access the home screen. When you activate your Roku audio guide, it will start reading your text, menus and other screen options.

Now, let us come to know that which devices will fully support the audio guide.

  • Audio guide is supported by
  • Roku Premiere (Model 4620).
  • Roku Premiere+ (Model 4630).
  • The Roku Ultra (Model 4640).
  • Roku TVs.
  • Roku Express+ (Model 3710).
  • The Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600).
  • Roku Express (Model 3700).

All the above devices can support the audio guide.

Generally, when you setup your Roku, you will see the audio guide on the Roku main screen. In order to turn audio guide “on” press “*” 4 times from your Roku remote. If you have enhanced “point anywhere” remote then pairs your remote with the Roku player.

Now, let we move towards how to enable the text-to-speech using audio guide.

Steps to enable audio guide

  • You can turn audio guide “on” by pressing “*” button 4 times from your remote.
  • Similarly, if you want to “off” the audio guide then press “*” button 4 times from your Roku remote.

How to navigate Roku interface using audio guide

For this follow the below steps:

  • First of all, turn your audio guide “on”.
  • Once you turn it ON, it will start reading your location on the screen, current screen, describe options and also identify prime action elements.
  • For e.g. if you type 1 of 8 then the audio guide will recognize it as “My Channels”.
  • Moreover, you can navigate using the “up/down” buttons.
  • If you press “ok” from your remote then it will take you to “My Channels”.

Now, let we discuss that what to do if you want to change the audio guide settings. So, for this see below.

Steps to change audio guide settings

First of all, go to settings > Accessibility > Audio guide. By doing this, you will see the following configurations

Audio guide ON/OFF   

  • In this configuration, you have to turn your audio guide “on/off”. You can do this by pressing “*” button 4 times from your remote.

Speech rate

  • The speech rate ensures the speed of auto guide in reading out the text.
  • Mainly, there are 4 speech rates – slow, normal, fast and very fast.
  • In order to select the speech rate, click on the “ok” button.


  • The volume allows you to change your auto guide’s volume with respect to the volume of your TV.


  • If you see that audio guide shortcut is enabled then press “*” button 4 times from remote to turn the audio guide “on” or “off”.
  • Similarly, if audio guide shortcut is disabled then press “*” button 4 times from remote will not turn the audio guide “on” or “off”.

In case you are finding errors while activating audio guide for your Roku streaming player then no need to worry about this. The first and the most important thing you have to do is to go to the tech support. The Roku support surely provides you possible solutions. To get faster solutions, dial Roku support toll-free number at anytime from anywhere.  The toll-free number is 1-844-5628-666.

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10 Roku Channels Every Roku User Should Watch

Are you wanted to watch 10 Roku channels? If yes, then don’t worry. You are surely able to watch 10 Roku best channels without any problem. In case, during streaming content, you feel any troubleshooting then you can concern with us. As we have Roku dedicated team, they will definitely help you to resolve your issues or problems. Moreover, you can take our Roku Tech Support and Roku Customer Support. You will find our expert technical team 24/7 shift free for you.


Firstly, we want to tell you about 10 Roku channels that every user should watch.

  1. Popcornflix
  2. Live stream
  3. Sports illustrated
  4. PBS
  5. Crackle
  6. Smithsonian channel
  7. Comedy central, Nickelodeon and history channel
  8. Film festival favorite
  9. Tubi TV
  10. Stream Now TV

Now, let’s have a look at some specifications about above channels.

  1. Popcornflix: – It is launched in March 2011. Basically, this channel is launched to focus on the independent TV shows and movies. Moreover, they have secured a licensing deal that brings you a large collection of live and latest content.
  2. Live stream: – If you want to stream live content from the Roku streaming player then this is the best channel for you to stream live news, sports and movies. On Live stream, you can everyday watch latest live events and shows. It also contains the collection of music files, TV episodes and recently updated news. So, everyone must watch live stream.
  3. Sports illustrated: – If you are sports lover, then you must watch this channel. Because this channel let you update with the latest happening in the field of sports. Moreover, you can watch sports shows weekly or daily from the NBA, MLB, college football, golf, soccer, tennis and NFL.
  4. PBS: – If you want to stream the live TV shows and movies then you must watch PBS channel. In addition to it, if you want to learn about arts and music then you can easily get this opportunity by streaming some off the famous shows like Austin city limits, Great performances, American Masters and many more. Moreover, you can also watch the original series from the PBS digital studio including idea channel and the off book. PBS prime time programs are also available on this channel; you can stream via FRONTLINE, Nature, PBS news-hour and Masterpiece.
  5. Crackle: – This channel is developed by Sony entrainment Inc. It allows you to access many TV shows and Sony movies. “NBS universal” want to stream its movies on the crackle channel so it deals with the crackle. In this way, you can also watch more than 140 movies of NBS universal on the crackle channel.
  6. Smithsonian channel: – If you are a big love of educational content and want to stream. Then you must watch Smithsonian channel because it contains a list of full-length episodes and shows on a wide range of topics.
  7. Comedy central, Nickelodeon and history channel: – It is also one of the 10 Roku channels that you must watch. It also provides you the source of entrainment to stream. You can watch multiple numbers of comedy shows on it.
  8. Film festival favorite: – Film festival favorite let you access many latest movies and shows in few costs even ad-free. Means to say, you no need to wait for ending the break (ads) or skip the ads. You will directly stream your content from this channel.
  9. Tubi TV: – It is also an online service provider channel that provides you many shows and movies. One another thing about Tubi TV is paramount picture and Tubi TV now becomes partners. Means, on Tubi TV you can stream movies by the paramount.
  10. Stream Now TV: – If you want to watch indie shows and movies then you must watch the stream Now TV.
  • For more information or details, please visit our official website Roku.Com/Link.
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