How to Connecting Roku player to Internet Network

Connecting Roku player to network:

Are you looking for the connection of the Roku player?
Okay, as you all know that Roku is one of the famous streaming device in the field of entertainment.
The Roku is amazing streaming device that allows you to access many of the TV shows, movies, videos, images and all other entertainment related content.

Also, it provides you with Free Roku Channels as well as paid. So, you can easily access any of the channel according to your interests.


Hence, if you want to connect your Roku player to the network then you have to follow some steps. The steps are described below:

Steps for Internet connecting Roku player to the network:

Attach the HDMI cable to the TV:

● This is the first step in order to connect your Roku player to the network. So, for this look into the back of your TV.
● Keep in mind that some TVs support component cable or the composite cable rather than the HDMI cable.
● Component cables are off green, red and blue color whereas composite keys are off white, red and yellow color.
● So, if your TV does not support HDMI cable then you have to either buy the new HDMI cable or you have to update your TV.

Insert a pair of batteries to the Roku remote:

● This is the second step while internet connection issue on Roku to the network. So, in this step, you have to put a pair of AA batteries to the Roku remote.
● Therefore, for the proper functioning of the Roku remote, you have to put same brand of batteries.
● So, for this you firstly open the battery cover and then insert the batteries to the appropriate location.

Plug the one end of the power adapter in the wall:

● In this step, you have to attach the power adapter into the wall.

Plug the other end into your Roku device:

● This is one of the most important thing which you all must keep in mind that Roku player does not contain any of the power button.
● So, make sure that while connecting your Roku device, your TV should be “off”.

Switch on your TV:

● After performing all the above steps, you have to switch “on” your TV.

Change the input while connecting to Roku:

This step will shows you 3 messages:

● Roku Starting, please wait.
● Roku Launching home screen.
● Welcome to the Roku player.
After these messages click on the “ok” button.

Connect to wireless network:

● In this step, you have to choose a available WiFi network first.
● After selecting the network, you have to enter the related “username” and the “password”.

Wait sometimes as Roku is looking for the latest software’s:

● In this step, you have to wait patiently for sometimes until your Roku device is downloading and installing the new Roku OS 8 software.
● Once the latest software’s has been installed, Roku will automatically keep start rebooting itself.

Enter the required information and click on done:

● Finally, this is the last step, in this step you have to enter all the required information that the screen will ask you.
● As a result of all this, click on the “done” button.

If you follow all the above steps carefully then you can easily connect your Roku device to the network.


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